Practical Exercises to Make Your Penis Longer

Men will always try to find ways to enlarge their penis the best that they can. They even go as far as using penis extenders and pills, which can cost them some significant amount of money and add to their expenses.

On the other hand, years of scientific study had revealed other ways of improving penis size through the use of practical exercises. As funny as they may seem, a lot of men can attest to its success as mentioned in various Internet blogs and comment pages.

Penis exercises have been around for many years. In fact, some of the exercises date back as far as ancient times. Some historians would say that ancient Arabs would practice penis exercises before their wedding night in order to increase its size.

Today, men have the liberty to do practical exercises and use penis extenders in order to gain a significant penis size to promote excellent sexual experiences, which both men and woman can greatly appreciate.

There is no doubt that you too might want to learn more about exercises that can increase your penis size. Why wouldn’t you? This is something that can benefit you in the long run. Before anything else, you should know that the main purpose for these exercises is to be able to increase the amount of blood flow that enters your penis.

But what does proper blood circulation has to do with enlarging one’s penis? Given the fact that your penis consists of elastic tissues, it is known that blood flow is responsible for allowing it to stay erect and eventually grow in size. By allowing repetitive exercises, it not only improves blood circulation in the penis, but stretches it out to the point of growth as well.

If you want to learn more techniques on how to increase your penis size through exercises, here are some of the things that you can do:

Master Jelqing

The most common exercise is known as Jelqing. You could master the art of Jelqing, which is known to increase penis size by expanding the PC tissue. It is important that you are able to apply non-allergenic oil to add lubrication on your semi-erected penis for what you are about to do.

Soon after, you need to use your hands to form a ring and gently squeeze the bottom of your shaft slowly making its way up to the head. Once there, gently massage the head and repeat the whole process for about 5 times. Remember not to squeeze too tight and allow your blood to flow.

Stretch that penis

Another exercise you could do is to extend the length of your penis. This is similar to the concept of using penis extenders where you need to stretch your penis tissues in order to acquire the size you want. This can by done by holding the head and stretching it before the point of discomfort for approximately 30 seconds to be done at least 5 times a day.

Learn Kegel exercise

Many men are using Kegel exercise to increase penis size. This is done by strengthening the PC muscle found between the anus and your scrotum. Squeezing and releasing the PC muscle daily for about 20 to a hundred times a day can. You can divide this exercise into several sessions everyday. Not only will it make penis longer but also helps prevents prostate cancer.

It is good to do practical exercises especially if you want to lessen the time it takes to increase your penis size. With the help of penis extenders, you can relatively improve your penis size without the use of expensive pills to save on expenses.

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