Top 5 Penis Enlargement Methods

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top five penis enlargement methods, as well as take a closer look at why using penis extender devices is the best choice for a fast and safe penis enlargement experience with guaranteed results.

The Top 5 Methods – A Quick Look:


1. Penis Extenders

This method is non-invasive, gentle, and has no known side effects. Penis extenders offer a very natural form of enlargement. In fact, they offer the only method which is proven to increase size without surgery!

Penis extenders enlarges your penis based on the concept of penile traction. Traction works by applying slow, steady stretching pressure to the penis. over a period of time your penis will start to lengthen and or widen, thanks to cell division and cell expansion.

2. Enhancement Pills

Herbal supplements have their place, especially when used in conjunction with a high-quality extender device. However, supplements need to be researched in order to determine if they’re safe for you to take.

Even if a substance is widely believed to be safe, it could still interact badly with a medication you’re taking, and for this reason you need to discuss any supplements with your doctor.

3. Penis Pumps

Pumps are one of the older methods still widely used today. While they are natural in the sense that they are non-invasive, pumps yield extremely temporary results. You’ll need to use them each and every time you are intimate with your partner.

It’s also important to remember that the rings used to keep blood in the penis can’t be left on for too long. Wearing them for extended periods of time can cause tissue loss due to a lack of circulation.

4. Weight Hanging

This is perhaps the most dangerous form of male enhancement, and the fact that it’s still practiced today illustrates just how stigmatized the entire subject has become.

This is an unfortunately popular technique which is passed on in hushed whispers, and practiced by men who are too ashamed to purchase a medically sound form of enhancement. It can cause injury and tissue loss, and simply should not be attempted.

5. Extended Masturbation

This is a very popular technique, and although there are men who claim to have increased their size in this manner, no real clinical results have ever been found.

Extended masturbation involves manipulating the penis for an extended period of time while erect, avoiding ejaculation, in an attempt to move blood toward the end of the penis and therefore stretch the tissues.

Essentially, it is like trying to recreate penis extenders with your hands. The use of a ring at the base of the penis is sometimes involved. Despite the claims of some practitioners, this method has many risks, including burst blood vessels and injuries related to a lack of circulation.


Why Penis Extenders Are The Best Solution

SizeGenetics Device

Penis Extender With Velco Strap

Overwhelming evidence from clinical trials proves that penis extenders are by far the safest and most reliable method of male enhancement. They can increase the size of your penis and enhance your sexual performance. While they may not seem as natural as other methods, they are completely non-invasive, which is the top concern of most men seeking a natural way to increase their size.

How It works

Penis extenders enlarges your penis based on the concept of penile traction. Penis traction addresses the Copora Cavernosa, which is the erectile tissue that holds blood when a man becomes erect.

Ideally, a penis extender device provides constant “traction” or pressure so that the penis is stretched for a specified period of time. The longer the man wears the device, the more cells pull away from each other and then divide into more cells.

The process of cell duplication creates more cells, and thus a larger penis than before.

Penis Extender Benefits

  • High-quality penis extenders are 100% risk free
  • Clinically proven and medically backed
  • Permanent penis growth
  • Straighten bent/curved penis
  • Increase erection time & sexual performance

While there are other ways to attempt to naturally enlarge your penis, none of them have safety, reliability and clinical data of penis extenders. When dealing with such a sensitive and delicate part of the body, it only makes sense to invest a bit of money and purchase a high-quality device with proven results.

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