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In the world of male enhancement, there are many options available. Extenders, surgery, pills, creams and pumps all promise to be the best choice. Some of these products claim immediate results, incredible increases in size, nearly inhuman stamina, and in some cases, a safe and natural method of male enhancement.

How do you tell the hype from the facts? In this article we’ll take a very close look at penis extenders, comparing them to other methods. You’ll find out just how they work, what kind of results you can expect, and how they really stack up against the competition.

Traction for Growth


Jes-Extender With Comfort Strap

Penis extenders use the concept of traction to enlarge your penis. Traction is simply a very gentle stretching of penile tissues. This is neither painful nor uncomfortable. As the tissues stretch, the cells within divide, essentially cloning themselves. They do this because an open space between cells is not natural, and therefore unacceptable to the body. This is a very natural process. In fact, it’s the exact same process by which you gain muscle tissue when you work out with weights!

Over time, these new cells take up space, resulting in a visibly longer and thicker penis. This growth is permanent. You won’t experience an hour or two of enhancement only to see yourself “deflate.” This growth can be felt, measured, and relied on.

Since traction forces the production of new cells in the penile tissue, it usually results in increased stamina as well. When the penis becomes erect, the defining factor in the strength and hardness of that erection is the health of the cells. These cells fill with blood and cause the erection in the first place. If there are more of these cells, and they are strong, increased staying power is a natural side effect.

Now that you have a good, basic understanding of how penis extenders work, we’ll take a look at some other products.

Pills and Lotions



Often touted as “all-natural” and safe alternatives, pills and lotions contain a variety of exotic-sounding ingredients. Many of these ingredients do have a history of use for increasing libido, but as we all know, libido and size are not the same thing.

It’s important to remember that simply because a substance is natural, it’s not automatically safe. Herbal supplements can cause allergic reactions, interact dangerously with medications you may already be taking, or they may simply do nothing.

Creams and lotions designed for growth have no medical science behind them. They may include, like supplements, some natural remedies for libido, but there are no clinical results showing any results whatsoever after using these lotions. There’s also the chance that either you or your partner may have a nasty skin reaction to the lotion. With no proven results and the risk of a very embarrassing rash, why waste your money?


Penis Surgery

Penis Surgery

Having an operation on your penis may sound scary, and the reality is that it should. Most doctors will not perform penile enlargement operations without rigorous screenings. They also insist that patients are aware of all the potential risk factors. To save you the money of a doctor’s visit, we’ll review them here.

There are two main types of penis enlargement surgery. In one, the surgeon cuts a ligament which connects the penis to the body. This results in no actual growth, but it does make the penis appear about an inch longer. With this surgery, the penis will always point down when erect and there is a chance of scar tissue.

The other form of surgery involves taking fat from another area of the body and implanting it in the penis. Like any other tissue transfer, there’s always the risk that the tissue won’t distribute properly. This can result in some very strange-looking lumps on the penis, which can’t be corrected without yet another surgery.

It’s also important to remember that any surgery, no matter how cosmetic, carries very serious risks. Infections can occur, although this is very rare with today’s sterile hospital conditions. Some people have very negative reactions to surgical anesthetic. When operating on an area as rich in nerve endings as the penis, there is the small but very real chance of damaging these nerve endings. This could mean, in a worst-case scenario, a complete loss of sensation.

Penis Pumps

Penis Pump

Penis Pump

Pumps were originally created as a temporary cure for impotence. A pump consists of a sheath into which you place your penis, a ring which slides over the base of your penis, and a hand-held pump. Pumping air out of the sheath creates a vacuum effect which draws blood into the penile tissues, resulting in an erection. The ring’s purpose is to maintain the erection once the pump is removed.

Do they work? Yes, for as long as you keep the ring on. Once it’s removed, the “deflating” effect is instantaneous. For men who simply want an erection, they’re an option. However, for a man who truly wants to increase his size, they’re a waste of money. Pumps can also cause damage to the penis in the form of burst blood vessels or even blistering if the ring is not removed within a reasonable amount of time, or if the user “pumps” too enthusiastically. In severe cases, permanent damage is a possibility.

Risks of Inferior Extenders

You may have read about the potential side effects of penis extenders. There are very serious risks involved with using an extender of inferior quality. Thankfully, the best extenders on the market today have been designed based on medical expertise, with careful attention paid to safety. Most of the things which could cause injury with an inferior extender simply aren’t possible with the high-quality devices available today.

If you do your research and purchase from a well-reputed company, one that creates they products based on medical expertise and clinical trials, the risk nearly vanishes. These high-quality devices have been designed to avoid the risks common with inferior devices.

Safety measures are in place to ensure that if you use the extender in the proper manner, as instructed by the company, your risk of having a mishap drops to almost nothing. Don’t’ sacrifice safety when shopping for penis extenders. Buy the best you can afford, and use it properly, and you’ll be thrilled with the results you see.

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