Penis Extenders vs. Penis Pumps

Different ways to enlarge the penis have been around for thousands of years. Primitive tribesmen in ancient times used to swing heavy weights from themselves, hoping to gain a few inches. Unfortunately, most of these tribesmen ended up injured or impotent.

Thankfully, the world of male enhancement has taken great strides. Although forms of weight-hanging to still exist, today’s man has many options when looking to increase the length or girth of his penis or seeking to increase his sexual stamina.

Two very popular options are penis extenders and pumps. In this article, we’ll look at both methods, comparing how they work, their clinically-proven results, and their safety, among other things.

Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are simply tubes in which a man inserts his penis. A ring is slipped around the base the penis, and a hand-operated pump draws air out of the tube. This creates a vacuum within the tube. This vacuum draws blood into the penis, causing it to swell and become engorged. The ring around the base keeps blood inside the penis once the tube is removed; without this ring, the penis deflates rather dramatically once outside of the tube.

These devices were invented many years ago as a cure for impotence. However, even then, they were not intended to be permanent cures for anything. Doctors simply realized that a temporarily engorged penis would allow an impotent man to enjoy intimacy.

In this regard, penis pumps work. They bring about a state similar to a natural erection. However, the second the ring is removed, blood rushes out of the penis, and it returns to a flaccid state. The same results can’t be achieved again without using the pump. There is no evidence which points to a penis pump causing growth, or having any sort of positive permanent effect.

However, penis pumps can cause some negative effects, some of which can be permanent. If the user is a bit over-eager to achieve an erection and pumps air out of the tube too quickly, burst blood vessels are common. If the pressure within the vacuum tube becomes too great, the skin of the penis can actually blister. Leaving the ring on for longer than half an hour has been known to have dire consequences. Keeping blood restrained in this manner can cause tissue loss or permanent impotence. In the most severe of cases, amputation may be necessary.

It’s easy to see why penis pumps can be tempting. They offer visible results which are almost instant, and can offer hope to men who suffer from impotence. If used properly, they can be safe. However, for men who are looking for something more permanent, there are other options.

Penis Extenders

Penis Extender

Penis Extender

Penis extenders have also been around for many years. In years past, however, they were rather cheaply-made, flimsy contraptions which had a nasty habit of breaking during use. This, of course, was quite painful for the unfortunate man wearing the device when it broke. Luckily for today’s man, there are much better options.

Like nearly all forms of medicine, the world of male enhancement has seen some amazing advancements in recent years. Part of this is due to medical professionals who realized that a larger penis was a very common desire of many men, and that too many men were suffering needlessly because of that desire. These men dedicated themselves to finding a safe and effective form of penis enlargement, free from the potential hazards of previous devices.

Traction penis extenders are the result of this dedication. All of the highest-quality penis extenders on the market today use traction, for the simple reason that it works. In fact, it’s the only method of penis enlargement which has been clinically shown to produce results.

Traction works by applying gentle stretching pressure to the penis. This is accomplished by slipping a soft, comfortable strap over the head of the penis, which is attached to a device balanced against the groin. The user is in control of the amount of pressure applied, so the risk of injury drops right away. If the device is producing too much tension, you can simply adjust it.

As the penis is gently and painlessly stretched, the cells within it begin to stretch and divide. As they divide, they’re actually multiplying themselves. This is a very common process. The amount of dividing and multiplying these cells can do is virtually limitless, and so your growth can be quite dramatic. However, keep in mind that experts recommend never to grow your penis larger than nine inches, because it can make intimacy uncomfortable for yourself and your partner.

Over time, these new cells begin to result in visible growth of the penis. Most men experience an increase in length and in girth. The results vary from person to person, but on average, an increase of approximately 28% is reported. Length and girth usually increase proportionately to one another.

It’s very important to remember that this growth is permanent. Once the new cells are created, they’re not going to simply shrivel up and disappear. They’re there to stay. This is something that no other form of male enhancement can offer.

A very important factor in choosing between different methods of male enhancement is safety. Penis extenders, if they are purchased from a company with a good reputation and used only in the manner specified by that company, are considered to be extremely safe.

A man would have to go out of his way to improperly use the device before he would need to begin worrying about injury. Safety precautions have been built into the highest-quality devices to further ensure that even if they are accidentally misused, an injury is very unlikely to occur.

When you compare penis extenders to penis pumps, the choice becomes very clear. You can experience extremely temporary results and risk severe injury, or you can enjoy permanent results with almost no risk. The choice is yours.

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