Penis Extenders vs. Penis Enlargement Surgery

For men who are considering enlarging their penis permanently, two options quickly become apparent as the most scientifically sound. However, there are very vast differences between penis enlargement surgery and the use of penis extenders. In this article we’ll look at the pros and cons of each method.

What Penis Extenders Do


Penis Extender Device

Although there are many inferior products on the market which use a variety of methods to stretch the penis, the products you should be looking at are those which use traction. Traction, in the simplest terms, involves very slowly stretching the penis. As the penis is stretched (which is so slow as to be completely painless), the cells within it divide and multiply themselves. This is same sort of growth seen in body modification.

Perhaps you’ve seen people with extremely large earrings, known as plugs, in their earlobes. Obviously, their ears did not stretch to accommodate those plugs overnight. These people have spent years stretching their ears, enlarging the plugs by precise increments. Over time, they can stretch to accommodate plugs as wide as a man’s hand.

This is exactly how traction works in extender devices. The results are faster, because of the increased blood flow to the penis. It naturally has a higher blood flow than an earlobe. Because of this increased blood flow, the cells within it can reproduce at a much higher rate.

The growth seen from using penis extenders is permanent, just as earlobe stretching is permanent. In fact, traction is the only non-invasive method in the world of male enhancement which has ever been shown to produce permanent results.

In the past, nearly all male enhancement devices carried a high risk of injury. This was due to devices which were designed without any medical knowledge or expertise, and the use of highly inferior materials. Thankfully, today’s best devices have been designed by medical professionals who have dedicated their lives to this industry.

These devices have been designed with careful attention paid to safety and comfort. Of course, there are still cheap imitations on the market, but a relatively simple internet search can help you find the best available penis extender. Low cost and sky-high claims about “overnight” growth are a sure sign that you’ve stumbled across an inferior product, and it’s wise to move on.

What Penis Surgery Does

Penis Diagram

Penis Diagram

There are several types of penis enlargement surgery available. One involves cutting the ligaments which hold the penis at its natural angle. This is done because up to half of the penis is actually hidden within a man’s body. Cutting this ligament allows more of the penis to be seen, although the appearance can be a bit odd. The base of the penis will grow hair, since this skin was once part of the pubic-hair region. The penis will also have a permanent downward slant when erect, instead of tilting upward or straight out. Risks associated with this surgery include loss of sensation and scarring.

The two other types of penis surgery are really just different forms of implantation. Implants can be fatty tissue taken from another part of the body, or they can be silicone or saline devices, the same materials used in breast implants.

In these surgeries, the implants are positioned to give the penis added girth. Length increases are generally not possible, since the head of the penis cannot be implanted or enlarged in this manner. Risk of this sort of surgery include the body rejecting the implant, the implanted fatty tissue distributing itself in a manner which results in odd lumps or bumps on the penis, and the silicone or saline implants rupturing.

It should always be remembered that any surgery, even if it’s for purely cosmetic reasons, carries risks. It’s easy to forget about these risks when considering a cosmetic procedure, but they don’t simply go away. Any form of surgery carries the risk of contracting an infection while in the hospital, the risk of having an adverse reaction to anesthetic, and the risk of loss of sensation due to nerve damage.

Which is Best?

The reasons for which most men seek out penis enlargement surgery are fairly common. Insecurity about size, anxiety-based impotence, Peyronie’s disease, curvatures of the penis, and weak erections are the most common complaints.

Consider that all of these conditions have been clinically shown to have been improved or relieved by the use of penis extenders. Extenders have been designed to increase penis size and give a man more sexual stamina. Curvatures, even those caused by Peyronie’s disease, can be gradually straightened by using extender devices, because they gently hold the penis in a straightened position while it is being stretched.

Weak erections or anxiety-based impotence generally come from a deep insecurity about size, past performance, or failing to satisfy a partner. With a larger penis and increased stamina, these worries are wiped out. In essence, nearly every condition for which a man might seek out penis surgery can be helped dramatically by penis extenders. This help comes in a very discrete package, can be used in the privacy of a man’s own home, and carries very little, if any, risk of permanent damage.

Seeking out a skilled surgeon with expertise in penile enhancement surgery greatly decreases the chance of nerve damage. However, even the best surgeons will admit that the risk always exists. The risks of a reaction to the anesthetic can occasionally be avoided by performing tests prior to surgery. The risk of your body rejecting the implant can sometimes be lessened by taking immune-suppressing drugs, which will also make you more susceptible to many other diseases.

To put it very simply, penis extenders offer a method of permanent penis enlargement without the risk of death or disfigurement. These results can be obtained in the privacy of your own home. You can grow at your own pace. The procedure is completely non-invasive, and if used correctly, the risk of any injury is extraordinarily low.

No matter what you compare…risk, price, or results…you’ll come to the same conclusion. There’s really no point in subjecting yourself to surgery when such an affordable, safe, and effective alternative is available to you.

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